Q1. Is Mr Game Chat a Streaming Site?

Mr Game Chat is not a streaming site but does mirror your stream to MGC anytime you go live with 2 clicks. We bring all platforms together in the gaming world. Social Networking Database of anything and everything gaming.

Q2. How does Mr Game Chat work?

You Sign up, Build a MGC community, Notify your full MGC following. Send the community you have to where you want them to go. #Controlyournotifybell

Q3. What makes MGC different from all other sites?

Mr Game Chat is the central database for anything and everything gaming. Streamers, Gamers, Brands, Businesses, Organizations, Esports Teams, Gaming Tournaments. Mr Game Chat brings all streaming social medias underneath one site. Facebook, youtube, Twitch and more can all hang out in once play now.

Q4. How do you earn an income using MGC?

You get gifted coins from others users, refer creators to sign up for MGC Pro Version, $5 Residual for every sign up that stays signed up, Fans Subscriptions, Selling good in the MGC Marketplace, Mass Notify shoutouts, earn G-Coins for engaging, Sell Merch with www.officialstreamer.com

Q5. How do you connect with our others on MGC?

Using features such as Meet Gamers with the same interest, “Game Quiz” Reach out on someones Mirrored Stream Chat and say hello, Comment & Engage in the New Feed with other gamers, Co Stream with other streamers, Send G-Coins as a Gift/GIFs